To achieve customer satisfaction and response with zero percent defect, become as well as valuable member in the social community.
Become Leader in lebanon in the fields of garbage collection, sweeping and recycling and in the field of construction.

Who We Are

NTCC The New Trading and Contracting Company S.A.L was established in 1996 by its founder Mr. Maher Sayess in Saida Lebanon. NTCC was nourished by the quality service that it has provided, and it is the clients who have given it this kind of reputation that it has.

NTCC offers professional services in the field of contracting and entrepreneuring, seeks to continuously develop the performance of technicians and workers and to update them with the latest techniques and inventions of the art, aiming to expand and improve the accomplishment of its specialists.

Using its extensive experience and with the help of its specialized skilled teams NTCC compete with older and larger companies. Also being up to the level and standards of competition in bidding, winning and perfectly executing a significant number of public tenders was the matter behind its horizontal and vertical growth and geographical expansion within and outside Lebanon.